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Pilates is nearly 100 years old; developed over a lifetime by Joseph H. Pilates. His aim was to improve physical resilience through strength and flexibility, balance the body, increase control, and rehabilitate injury.

Pilates is an unrivalled support to whatever physical issues you may have. It attunes your balance, corrects your posture, sculpts your physique, develops longer, leaner muscles, and is a game-changer for any professional sportsperson or dancer.

As a former professional dancer myself, I have experienced a variety of physical issues so Pilates is a natural progression and vital support for me.

On the mat or the apparatus, Pilates is tailored to your
I assess, support and challenge my clients to work hard, feel great, have fun and be the best version of themselves.

I am currently teaching in Sevenoaks and Central London.
Melanie Braam

Pilates Instructor, Life Coach, Dancer, Mum!


After intensive training in Paris and New York, I certified with Romana's Pilates. I went on to run my own studio in Aix-en-Provence, before moving back to the UK. I have been teaching, mentoring and training teachers since 2004. 

My background and career in dance bring an influence of fluidity to my teaching and a sharp eye for detail.

My seasoned and intuitive approach, combined with my Life Coaching skills allow me to help you focus on deepening your connection with your body, developing technical precision and safely pushing through your physical and mental barriers. 

I can't wait to work with you! 





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